Best Generators for Home Use in India 2024 [Why to Buy Online?]

Are you looking for the Best Generator for Home Use in India? If yes, then you have reached a right place as I have some of the Best Portable Generators for home use available Online in India.

Just like internet, electricity has also become important part of our lives. As we continuously use our television, gadgets, washing machines, AC, water purifiers which run on electricity. When electricity supply at our home goes off, it makes us crazy and then we need a Best Portable Generator for Home in India.

So as now you have planned to buy a Honda Generator for home use in case such power failures, below are the 2 best honda generators which delivers best performance and are amongst the Best Honda Generators for Home Use in India 2024.

Apart from being used at Homes due to their Small Size and Silent working, these Honda Portable Generators are also used as Mini Generators for Camping, Generators for DJ set etc. In India they are often termed as DJ wala Generator also.

Best Generators for Home Use are as below.

  1. Honda Siel Power EP 1000 – Mini Generator for Home
  2. Honda EU 30is Inverter – Best Generator for Home with Small load
  3. Honda EU 70is Inverter – Best Generator for Home with Heavy Load

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Why should you buy a Generator Online?

  • As we all know that prices of Generators are quite high, but buying it online from Amazon can get you the same generator with much lesser price as Online sellers gives more discounts that local shop dealers.
  • I recommend buying online Generators from a trustworthy brand like Honda as they have their best service centre available in all major cities and towns.
  • Also, you don’t have to worry about getting your purchased generator home, or again to seller as in case of returns. Here online seller takes care of everything.
  • About discounts, I would give you one example. Suppose MRP of one generator is 1,00,000 rupees in India. Local shop seller will sell you that product with some discount at around 90,000 rupees. He will make around 30,000-40,000 in this deal, which he needs as he has investing in running a shop.
  • But a online seller from Amazon has no investment in running a shop so he will give you discounted price of around 60,000-70,000 rupees in India, plus Door Step service. Here you save your own 20,000-30,000.
  • Shop seller might provide you free service and repairs for a few months, but you can spend for these amounts from the money you saved in best deal online. 🙂
  • So, I recommend that buying Generator online in India is a great deal.


HONDA Siel Power EP 1000 – Mini Generator for Home


Fuel Type – Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity – 3.6 liters

Dimensions –  40.4 cm (L) x 35.2 cm (W) x 43.1 cm (H)

Dry Weight (Without Fuel) – 27.4 Kg

Rated Power Output – 750 VA

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Honda Siel Power EP 1000 is the Best Mini Generator for Home Use as it comes with less weight and compact size. This is preferred as an backup generator in case of power failures at home and also to run single devices like welding machines, water motor, small DJ speakers.

The rated output of this generator is 750 VA which means you can use this generator to backup your lights, fans but not your Home Appliances like Washing Machine, Refrigerators etc.

This Honda generator runs on Petrol as a fuel. It has 4-stroke engine and it passes Noise and Air Regulations set by Govt.

Other benefits of this generator are it is easy to carry due to it’s compact & portable size. It has One Touch Easy Start option and it has a trustworthy brand name, that is Honda.

If power of this Honda Generator is not sufficient for your Home, you can think about next generators.

Honda EU 30is Inverter – Best Generator for Home with Small Load


Fuel Type – Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity – 12.5 liters

Dimensions –  71 cm (L) x 48.2 cm (W) x 57 cm (H)

Dry Weight (Without Fuel) – 59.5 Kg

Rated Power Output – 2.8 kVA

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Honda EU30is Portable Generator is compact in size and is suitable to take from one place to another in a car. This is preferred for small home use as well as ourdoor because of its compact size & portability.

The rated output of Honda Petrol Generator EU30is is 2.8 kVA, which is sufficient to run a small house or shop. Also, due to its size, it can be taken outdoor for campaigning. This generator is also preferred as Generator for DJ systems.

This Honda Generator runs on a 4-Stroke engine with Petrol as fuel and Honda claims it to be Ultra Silent while running. But in actual you may feel its noise when running on full load. Also, it is Eco-Friendly as it follows the pollution norms as per Pollution Control Boards by Govt. of India.

This Honda Generator has an Easy Start switch to manually start the generator in case of power failures. It also has an option of Auto-Start which is very useful if you want to use this Generator for Home just like an Inverter.

If you have more power output required to use all your major Home Appliances with generator, you need to go for next Honda Generator

Honda EU 70is Inverter – Best Generator for Home with Heavy Load


Fuel Type – Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity – 19.2 liters

Dimensions –  126.1 cm (L) x 70 cm (W) x 72.2 cm (H)

Dry Weight (Without Fuel) – 123.2 Kg

Rated Power Output – 5.5 kVA

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Honda EU70is Portable Generator is little more in size & heavier than previous EU30is. This is mostly preferred for home use over EU30is because it is more powerful.

Rated output of Honda Petrol Generator EU70is is 5.5 kVA, which is sufficient to run all loads at home like 4-5 bulbs, small appliances like Hair Dryers, Mobile Chargers along with major appliances like Washing Machine & ACs.

This Honda Generator runs on a 4-Stroke  engine with Petrol as a fuel and this is also an Ultra Silent generator as claimed by Honda. Also, it satisfies different pollution norms set by Indian Noise Regulations Departments.

This Honda Generator has Recoil as well as Electric Starter. Also, it comes with a monitor where you can monitors different functions like oil & fuel level, running hours, voltage of battery and load & RPM of generator.

This Honda generator has wheels at the base which makes it useful to drag it from one place to another.

These 2 are Best Honda Generators for Home Use in India 2024.

If you think generator is going to be quite louder for your home, you should check Best Inverter UPS for Home for 2024 in India. Thank you.

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