4 Best Top Loading Washing Machines with Inbuilt Heater | Latest India 2020

Are you looking for Best Washing Machines with Inbuilt Heater in India? If yes, then you surely know why is it so important have washing machine with heater that kills & washes of germs & bacteria from your laundry.

In today’s world, we have to safe guard ourselves from many unhygienic  things that comes our way in day to day life. We can still take care of ourselves by wearing the best available mask and washing off hands with the best sanitizers in India 2020, but what about our clothes that actually comes in contact?

Exactly here we require the Best Washing Machine with Heater as washing our daily clothes with Hot Water so as to kills germs & bacteria is as important washing our hands very frequently.

So here I have brought list of Best Top Load washing machines with Inbuilt Heater in India which can make your search for fully-automatic washing machine easier.

Also, I would like to list of some Best Front loading washing machine with heater which can be the best washing machine for your home in India in the year 2020.

As Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines are mostly preferred by Indian families, I have added the Best Top load washing machines with Inbuilt heater in India in first section. And Best Front Load washing machines with heater in India is second section.

Best Top Loading Washing Machines with Heater in India

Whirlpool 7.0 Kg Top Load Washing Machine with In-Built Heater (STAINWASH ULTRA 7.0)

The first best washing machine with inbuilt heater in India on our list is Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra 7.0. It is a 5 Star energy rated top load washing machine which is water & energy efficient.

The Capacity of this top load washing machine with heater is 7 kg which makes it suitable for medium size family of up to 5-6 members.

As the most important feature we are looking into this washing machine, it has an Inbuilt Heater which can raise water temperature up to 60°C and it comes with 3 modes named as Warm, Hot & Allergen free.

Highlighted features and their uses are explained as below.

  • Stainwash Program – This program uses heated water at different stages in a wash cycle to remove 25 types of tough stains like a bloodstain, oil, grease etc.
  • Hard Water Wash – Whirlpool washing machines have a technology that converts Hard/Borewell water into soft water before using it for a wash. It increases the wash quality of laundry & durability of the machine.
  • 6th Sense – It sense the load of laundry put in a drum and chooses the best program by sensing the weight of the laundry, type of fabric etc. This smart program automatic decides the quantity of water, detergent, wash cycle time for more efficient washing.
  • Spa Wash – This technology provides smoother wash to your clothes and reduces much of tangling of clothes inside a drum.
  • ZPFT – Zero Pressure Fill Technology fills the drum quickly even when water pressure is low.
  • Inbuilt Heater – Hot water wash ensures more hygienic wash quality and kills germs & bacteria in laundry.
  • Auto Tub Clean – It notifies and cleans the drum thoroughly so as to keep in odour-free in long run.
  • Delay Wash – You can delay the wash cycle to start as per your convinience. 

Whirlpool 8 Kg Top Load Washing Machine with Heater In-Built (STAINWASH ULTRA 8.0)

Another best washing machine with heater in India is Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra 8 kg. Though this washing machine belongs to the same model as that washing machine above it, it has additional features which make it worth buying.

This top-loader has a capacity of 8 kg which is suitable for a big family of up to 7 members

Inbuilt Heater in this washing machine is very similar to other Whirlpool washing machines which can heat water up to the temperature of 60°C for germ-free & hygienic wash.

Additional best features in this Top Load washing machine with heater is as follows.

  • Hotmatic Technology – This technology uses smart sensors that sense type of fabric being washed & type of stains present on it, and adjust the temperature of water accordingly for a perfect wash.
  • Smart Recommendation – This machine is capable of suggesting you the quantity of detergent required by sensing laundry load. 
  • 3D Scrub – It has 3D Scrub pads which continuously rotates & moves laundry to wash them thoroughly.
  • 6th Sense Ultra Clean – Additional to 6th Sense technology in every other washing machine, 6th Sense Ultra Clean technology uses Inbuilt Heater, 3D Scrub & Unique Soak features together for excellent washing.
  • Hard Water Wash – This washing machine with heater also has a technology that converts hard water into soft water for more effective washing.
  • Express Wash – This function is useful for less-soiled laundry. This quick wash reduces wash cycle time by 50% as compared to a normal wash cycle.

Whirlpool 7.5 kg Top Load Best Washing Machine with Inbuilt Heater (360° BLOOMWASH PRO)

The next on the list and the Best Top Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater in India 2020 is Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro 7.5 kg.

If you are only looking for a Top Load washing machine, I recommend you get this washing machine.

The capacity of 7.5 kg is suitable for big families of up to 6 members. Also, along with Inbuilt Heater & Premium design, this top-loading washing machine comes with technologies that deliver Excellent Wash Quality.

Features in this washing machine are as follows.

  • Hotmatic Technology – This technology uses different sensors to sense fabric type being washed and adjust the temperature of water suitable for a particular fabric.
  • Power Dry – This feature has 4 drying speeds which are automatically switched based on the type of fabric and drying requirements.
  • Hexa Bloom Impeller – Impeller in this best washing machine with heater is specially designed with 6 vanes which flows water in such a way that laundry flows along with it in 360° blooming motion. It rubs clothes against each other and results in Excellent Wash quality.
  • Hot Catalytic Soak – This soaks water in warm water with concentrated detergent. It helps loosen up toughest dirt in the laundry which later gets washed up in wash cycle.
  • ZPFT – This technology fills water quickly even with low water pressure. This makes it the best washing machine for low water pressure areas like having indoor water tank.
  • 6th Sense Smart Sensors – These sensors detect low voltage and water conditions during wash cycles. For too low conditions it pauses the wash cycle and resumes once conditions are met.
  • Dynamix – This technology takes care of clearing all detergent residues in a wash cycle.
  • Smart Detergent Recommendation – This washing machine with inbuilt heater also recommends you the optimum quantity of detergent needed for a wash cycle.
  • Express Wash – This reduces wash time for less soiled clothes by 50%.

LG 11.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (THD11STB)

This is truly a washing machine for large families in India. It also has variant in 9 kg, but I am recommending 11 kg due to less price difference of around 1000 bucks.

Like Whirlpool washing machines with heater, LG washing machines doesn’t uses Hot Water to wash clothes, but uses a Powerful Steam technology that sanitizes laundry which ultimately provides a germ-free hygienic wash

Additionally, this LG washing machine with heater has WiFi Smartphone connectivity which lets you operate your washing machine from anywhere through SmartThinQ app.

Features in this washing machine are as follows.

  • Smart Inverter Technology – This technology makes this machine better wash quality and less-noisy, vibration-free performance.
  • Inverter Direct Drive – This washing machine uses Inverter motor which is directly mounted on a drum rotor axis. So as there is no belt or pulley drive present, motion is directly transferred and it saves more energy.
  • 6 Motion Control – This technology moves drum in 6 different motions so that clothes get better treatment and washing at the end.
  • Steam Wash – This feature provides steam treatment to laundry and sanitizes your clothes to kill bacteria, germs & enzymes. This feature is very useful in the current pandemic.
  • Jet Spray – This feature sprays a powerful jet of water on clothes so that you won’t need to scrub them ever.
  • Tub Clean – This function cleans & maintain hygienic conditions of tub which prevents bad-smelling of tub after long use.

Best Front Loading Washing Machines with Heater in India

Generally, every Front loading washing machine has an inbuilt heater. But still, I would like you to suggest these best budget front load washing machines which you can consider as a buying option.

Samsung 6.0 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine with Inbuilt Heater (WW60R20GLMA)

Samsung has this beautiful looking white front load washing machine which has a capacity of 6 kg which is suitable for small Indian families of up to 3-5 members.

This is a 5 star rated washing machine and it also comes with Digital Inverter technology which makes this front loader energy efficient and less noise, vibration-free washing machine.

The inbuilt heater in this washing machine is a ceramic heater so it doesn’t let minerals from hard water rest on it and ensures rust-free durability.

Front loading washing machine has different programs suitable for each type of fabric being washed. Some of these programs use heated water for a more hygienic and germ-free wash.

Other features in this washing machine are as follows.

  • Diamond Drum – The specially designed diamond drum has holes in such a way that water flowing through it creates a water layer over the drum surface and provides a cushion to laundry.
  • Quick Wash – This program is useful for your less soiled daily laundry. It just takes 15 minutes of the wash cycle.
  • Chemical Free Drum Sanitization – This feature cleans the drum without the use of any chemical. It uses hot water and runs it through a quick wash to remove detergent residues, lint stuck in drum. Providing a long odour-free life.
  • Smart Check – You can connect this front load washing machine with heater to your smartphone through an app and diagnose your machine for any errors that are happening or could happen in the near future. Hence saves your future expenses on maintenance.

Bosch 6 kg Front Load Best Washing Machine with Heater (WAB16060IN)

Bosch, being a German brand, has the sturdiest washing machines in India. There build quality is just great as compared to other washing machine brands in India.

The capacity of this front load washing machine is 6 kg which is suitable for small families in India.

The best feature is this Bosch washing machine is the Reload Function. If you are to add a piece of cloth to a wash cycle, you can still add it to the drum in between a wash cycle is in progress.

Other important features in this washing machine with heater includes.

  • Active Water – With this feature, sensors senses laundry weight & fabric type and accordingly adjust water level. It makes this machine more water-efficient.
  • Allergy Plus – This program uses hot water up to 90° for washing and delivers hygienic washing.
  • Quick & Daily Wash – These wash programs are useful if you are hurry to wash your daily load of laundry. It just takes 15 minutes and 30 minutes of wash cycles without compromising wash quality.
  • Low Water Pressure – This front load washing machine is capable of providing expected results even when water pressure is low. This is a very useful feature of flats with indoor tanks.
  • Drum Clean – It has a drum clean function just like other front loading washing machines. Also, this machine comes with a comparatively bigger drum in 6 kg segment.
  • Low Noise – Due to its vibration-free build, it doesn’t make much noise in 6 kg segment machines.

IFB 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine with Heater Inbuilt (Serena Aqua SXA LDT)

IFB is an emerging brand in India. It does provide good quality and performance in washing machines.

This IFB front load washing machine has a capacity of 7 kg which is suitable for a family of up to 5-6 members.

Just like Bosch, this IFB machine also has Laundry Add option to add clothes for washing in between the wash cycle.

Most important feature in this washing machine is Aqua Energie, which energizes water for better solubility of detergent for perfect washing. This makes it the best front load washing machine for hard water areas

Other features are as below.

  • 2D Wash system – This technology uses water showers to soak the laundry more effectively. It thoroughly soaks water and improves wash quality.
  • Crescent Moon Drum – Drum in this washing machine is specially designed so that it creates water cushion and prevent internal damages in laundry being washed.
  • Ball Valve – This technology prevents detergent from being washed out with used water. It saves detergent usage in a wash cycle.
  • Cradle Wash & Drum Clean – This wash program is for delicate clothes. Also, it has a separate program for thorough cleaning of the drum.
  • Foam Control – This system control excessive foam creation inside drum for better performance.
  • Auto Balance System – This feature automatically detect unbalanced laundry and redistribute them in drum so as to reduce vibration and noise.

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