7 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2024

Do you love having fresh milkshakes, fruit juices, smoothies, puree, and soup at home itself?

If yes, then you really need to have the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder for home use in 2024.

The best thing about Juicer Mixer Grinder is this is a single appliance that can work both as a juice mixer and grinder, making our work easy and getting you unique flavours without any hassle.

In the old days, the juice mixer and grinder was considered a luxury for many people. But today, it has become an essential part of every kitchen house.

In the world of the kitchen, a juice mixer and grinder is a revolutionary appliance. It is highly versatile and can do a variety of tasks. It is mainly meant for making juices, masala paste and grinding nuts, but if along with juices and smoothies you also require to have authentic food grains batter, you might have to look for a wet grinder.

The juicer mixer grinder can also extract juice from fresh fruits and veggies or treat yourself with a delicious and refreshing fruit shake to cool the body during the hottest summer months.

But there are tons of juice mixer grinder out there. Are you looking to have one of these and are confused? Don’t worry, I have brought 7 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2024. These mixer and grinder are the best in the price range and also better juicer mixer grinder in summer.

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How to Choose the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Wattage:  The first thing to check for is wattage because the wattage is equal to the power your juice mixer or grinder gets. Higher the wattage, easy to grind ingredients together. The mixer from 500 W, 600 W, and 750 W is good enough for Indian home kitchens.

Jars:  The second thing to check whether the brand is providing the appropriate number of the jars. Minimum three jars are appreciable, including one juice mixer. You can use two for grinding ingredients and another one for making smoothies and juices.

Warranty: The Company with good products provides a good year of warranty, the minimum amount of warranty for a low budget product should be one year, and for high range products the warranty should be a minimum of two years.

Price: At the end, the major factor for buying any product is the price. The price at which the product is getting sold should provide equivalent features. Higher the price more the features.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2021.

7 Best Juicer Mixer Grinders in India 2024

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, 22000 RPM Mixer-Grinder, Blender

The Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, 22000 RPM Mixer-Grinder, is made of fibre plastic body; this product is an all-time favourite in India and it is the no.1 bestseller on Amazon. What more do you want under the budget of 3000?

Wonderchef’s products are designed in Italy and meet German quality standards. The product is straightforward to use as it does not have any buttons. The mixer/grinder comes with three jars. First 0.3L or 300ml poly-carbonated jar, secondly 0.5L or 500ml jar.

best wonderchef juicer grinder in india

Let’s see some key features of the product.


The design is pretty sleek and compact offers multiple colours. The products comes in stunning fiver colours i.e., black, red, white, purple, and Champagne. The glossy finish gives a great touch to the product. The items weigh around 1.5Kg or 1500 Grams. The dimension is as followed 10cm in width, 10cm in length, and 18cm in height.


The Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, 22000 RPM Mixer-Grinder does not run on any switches or on/off button; it has built 400W motor, just fit the jar in the machine and twist. The two stainless steel blade provides the best mixing and grinding performance for the hardest ingredients.  


The stainless steel blades give satisfactory results and are designed for precision which offers outstanding performance. The powerful 22000 RPM helps extract both macro and micronutrients from all kinds of fruits and veggies. The jars also come with extra sprinkler caps.


  • Easy to use.
  • Washable and easy to maintain.
  • Unbreakable jars
  • No switches, regulators.
  • Free recipe book with the box.
  • No spillage while blending.


  • Cannot run the appliance above 1 minute.

Bajaj GX-1 Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

The Bajaj GX-1 mixer grinder is made of stainless steel; this works as a multipurpose appliance that prevents rusting. This Bajaj product can grind as well as mix. The mixer/grinder comes with three grinder jars. First 1.25L liquefying jar, secondly 0.8 litters wet/dry grinding jar, and lastly 0.5 puree making jar.

If you are looking for budget juicer mixer grinder, then Bajaj GX-1 is Best Juicer Mixer Grinder Under 2000 in India.

bajaj gx1 mixer grinder for home

Let’s see some key features.


The design is pretty sleek and comes in white colour. The regulator has an indication that comes with blue colour, which blends easily with the mixer grinder colour. The stainless steel jars make a good contrast with the mixer. The mixer grinder dimension is 31cm in height, 20 cm in length, and 26.6 cm of breadth. The total weight of the product is 2.84 Kilograms.


The Bajaj GX1 runs on a powerful motor; therefore, the power consumption primarily is 500 W, with 220-240 Voltage. The revolution as per the company is 20000.

Speed & Performance

There are three-speed settings along with super sharp blades for fine chopping, grinding, and mixing. And the handy speed controller to control the motor rotations according to your need.


  • Easy to use.
  • 9000+ positive ratings.
  • Rustproof plastic body.
  • Highly efficient.


  • Available in only one colour.
  • No extra juice jar.

Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder, 500W

Are you looking for a compact design that takes less space? Then Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder is the perfect fit for you. The steel blades will give you a complete breakdown of the food by extracting the nutrients required for the body. The company provides two options of 3 jars and two blades or five jars and three blades.

Cookwell Bullet is the most compact and best juicer mixer grinder under 2500 in India.

cookwell compact juicer mixer

Let’s take a look at its features.


The compact design will create no issue in storage and can get easily fit in any corner. The glossy bottom finish is pretty attractive. The dimensions are as follows: 12cm in length, 12 cm in width, and 28 cm in height. Less than 30cm in height? You heard it right.

Multiple blades

  1. Wet Grinding Blade (6 Leaf): Amazing blade with 6 leaf gives fine chutneys, juices, smoothies, etc.
  2. Four leaf dry grinding blade for dry fruits, spices, and coffee.
  3. Froth blade for milkshakes, ice cream liquid, and egg white.
  4. And feature two small jars, two portable jars, and one tall jar.


The Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder comes with a powerful 500 Watts motor that gives you excellent grinding and mixing results.


  • Available in 6 different colour.
  • Travel-friendly
  • Strong 500W motor


  • You have to give 5 minutes after every use.

Philips Amaze HL7576/00 600-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

On number four comes India’s most trusted brand for many years. We all know the quality which Philips provides. The Philips Amaze HL7576/00 600-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder is a Dutch-based leading brand in the world of various electronic gadgets and appliances. This juice mixer grinder is made of ABS plastic, food-grade plastic. 

For a budget close to 3500 bucks, this Philips Amaze Juicer Mixer Grinder can also be a good option with extra few bucks.

philips amaze juicer mixer grinder under 3500

Let’s see what features it provides.


The Philips juicer mixer grinder comes in celestial Blue/bright white colour and offers maximum juicing and grinding performance. The four jars are blender size with a flow beaker of 1.5L, a multipurpose jar of 0.75L or 750ml, one chutney jar of 0.4L or 400ml.


The powerful 600 Watts torque motor combined with a short blade gives amazing results with superior mixing quality at home. The blades are specially designed to get maximum extraction from fruits, juice and vegetables.


There are three-speed settings along with a specially designed sieve. The full power mode will give excellent results, and the 600W plus the strong-armed blade contributes to the perfect juice.


  • Detachable spout.
  • Spill-free.
  • Easy pulp remover.
  • Non-gliding feet.


  • The lids of the jar should have that rubber washer.

Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder

With over 19,000+ reviews on Amazon India and the #1 bestseller, bring the Prestige IRIS plus today at home, your most versatile kitchen partner. Prestige does continuous market research and brings innovative designs. Prestige’s slogan “buy with confidence” is becoming true because it never disappoints its buyers.

For a decent budget under 3500, this juicer mixer grinder can also be your next pick.


Let’s have a look at the key features of prestige IRIS.


The Prestige IRIS plus comes with superior quality plastic so that you can enjoy your experience with the smartly designed body. The black color finish gives a great  touch to the juice mixer. It comes with a quadruple speed controller, which out of box idea. The 3 Jar comes in stainless steel material and one polycarbonate lid is in a domed shape. The 1.5L or 1500ml jar for wet items, 1L or 1000ml jar for dry items mixing and 0.3L or 300ml jar for chutneys.


The 750W motor can grind almost everything with ease. The motor is made of pure winding of copper for efficient and long grinding. The four blades with a 750W combination are very efficient for super fine mixing and grinding.


There are speed settings along with a specially designed sieve. The total power mode will give excellent results with 750W plus the strong-armed blade contributing to the perfect juice or chutney.


  • Detachable spout.
  • Spill-free.
  • Easy pulp remover.
  • Non-gliding feet.


  • The lids of the jar should have that rubber washer.

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Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Plus juicer mixer grinders are undoubtedly the best product you can get in this price range. Over the last few decades, the company has proven to deliver excellent products in the budget range, perfect companion for kitchen life. It is available in white colour.

If you have a good budget to spend with, Sujata Powermatic Plus is the best choice for juicer mixer grinder under 5500 in India.

sujata best juicer mixer grinder under 5000

Let’s know some features of it.


The Sujata Powermatic plus looks solid and robust, as the name says it. It has a sturdy look with a bulky feel. The controller has two modes, one with medium and another is high for fine grinding. The box includes one juicer jar, one blender jar, one grinding jar, and 1 unit Motor, and it weighs around 6.2Kg; and the products’ dimension is 50 cm in length, 27 cm width, and 36 cm height.


With the beast 900W motor, you can mix or grind up to anything. The powerful motor comes with a double ball bearing. And for safety, the company has provided the shook-proof feature with the product.     

Centrifugal Juicer

It also comes with a centrifugal juicer that uses its blades on the bottom of the fast-spinning strainer. The high strength Stainless steel blade cuts to perfection with speed.


  • 90 minutes continuous usage.
  • Shook proof.
  • Honeycomb filter mesh.
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Heavy weight product.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt-MGM8842MIN

Our list’s final product is the Bosch TrueMixx Pro mixer grinder with its unique stone pounding technology. The TrueMixx Style Mixer Grinder recreates the typical pounding effect to offer authentic dry grinding recipes taste. Bosch is a leading supplier in India in technology and services.

Additionally, Bosch has, in India, an important development centre outside Germany for end-to-end engineering and technology solutions. Furthermore, Bosch has the largest production centre for end-to-end engineering and technology solutions outside of Germany in India.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro is costly, but worth buying juicer mixer grinder under 6500 in India.

bosch heavy duty juicer and mixer grinder in india

Let’s look into details of it.


The Bosch TrueMixx Pro mixer grinder comes in fantastic black colour with refined chrome finish, which gives a professional look. It augments and complements the overall look of the kitchen. The dimensions are 3.85 meters in width, 4.6 Meters in length, and 2.2 meters in height. It weighs around 5200gm of 5.2Kgs. The jars provided here are three with comfortable handles, a plastic blender of 1500ml, a filter for fruit pulp, one grinding jar for dry items of 1000ml, and a chutney grinder jar of 400ml.


The power provided with this juice mixer and grinder is immense, with 1000 Watts of motor and generates enough torque to grind or mix anything. It comes with a three-speed dial. It offers a blunt pounding blade to replicate the pounding effect with thick edges.

MaxxJuice Extractor

The box contains a juice extractor to get the proper nutrients from the juice, smoothies, etc. This feature is only available in Bosch mixer and grinder. It makes blending easy and extra more juice from the fruits and smooth shakes.


  • Lid lock jars.
  • Suction feet for stability.
  • Bush for contamination free blending
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • The noise is high due to the 1000 Watts motor.

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Final Words

With this seven products, I conclude my article on Best Juicer Mixer Grinder India 2024.

In the end, it is all about personal choice. But if you want a small, portable, and less space consuming juice mixer grinder then, Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder, 500W is highly recommended.

But if you can spend few extra bucks and also want a strong and sturdy juicer mixer and grinder then, you can go with Philips Amaze HL7576/00 600-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder for the refreshing juice.